The Latest Raleigh Ebikes with Bosch Equipment

Raleigh Motus GT Low step

Raleigh Motus GT Low Step

Here at bikebikebike.bike we’ve been selling and using ebikes for over 20 years. We specialise in models from Raleigh equipped with market-leading equipment from Bosch. These models are:
Raleigh Motus
Raleigh Motus Tour
Raleigh Motus Grand Tour and
Raleigh Centros

More Information

The “electrical” components of an ebike (as opposed to the bikey bits) consist of i) the Drive Unit, ii) the Battery and iii) the Display; and Bosch make a variety of these with characteristics suitable for different environments: the final retail price of the ebike reflects the particular specification of each of these, plus of course the quality of the underlying bicycle componentry. RRPs range from £2199 to £3099.

Drive Units
For these utility ebikes, there are three Bosch Drive Units, namely the “Active”, the “Active Plus”, and the “Performance Line”, offering progressively increased levels of “torque” – ie pulling power. The higher torque versions won’t make you go faster (you don’t get any help at speeds higher than 15mph) , but they will give extra oomph on steeper inclines. Each Drive unit has four modes of support, Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo.

The amount of energy a battery can carry is measured in Watt Hours. Typically, the capacity of an ebike battery will vary from 300WH to 750WH. This measure is the most important, but by no means the only, factor in determining the range. Other factors include the type of Drive Unit, the type of riding conditions, the size and weight of the rider, and Bosch has an interactive website to estimate the range based on these and other parameters. This can be found at https://www.bosch-ebike.com/en/service/range-assistant/

Bosch has several types of display, of which the two found on our Raleigh ebikes are known as the “Intuvia”, and the “Purion”. Both types enable the user to control all the functions of the ebike, but the Intuvia has a larger screen with more features visible at the same time.

Biggest Selling Model

Our biggest selling model is the Motus Grand Tour, which combines good quality bicycle componentry with the Active Plus Drive Unit, a 500WH battery and the Intuvia computer. It seems to be particularly suitable for the steep terrain of the Teifi Valley and the surrounding coastline and countryside where we are faced with not infrequent 25% gradients. This model comes in a variety of Step Through or Crossbar frame sizes to suit most people sizes, and in a derailleur version at £2699 incl VAT, or a Hub Gear version at £2799 incl VAT.

For further information or to make arrangements for a test ride on the Motus GT or any bike, please get in touch by ringing us on 01239 621275