Raleigh Stow-e Way, Giant Dirt-E

Raleigh Stow-e Way, Giant Dirt-E, two very different electrically assisted bikes, but both offering user-friendly versatility in their own sweet ways…

The Stow-e Way, despite the slightly clumsy punny name, is an excellent entry-level electric bike which is ideal for the more casual user, or the motor-homer caravaner type person. Folding as it does into a smallish package, it’s the perfect choice for exploring the campsite and the surrounding town and countryside while still offering lung expanding exercise from easy to gasping depending on the level of assistance selected. In the shop now at £1100.00

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The Dirt-E has a slightly more classy (class-e?) but still punny name and is a versatile thoroughbred carthorse. At home on off-road trails or equally adapted as a general purpose smooth as butter commuter bike, it will take the sting out of the effort while still maintaining the old cardio-vascular. Equipped with a Yamaha centre motor system and Giant’s intuitive control systems, it’s a real pleasure to ride. In the shop at the moment we have the entry level Dirt-E+2 at £2250, but higher specced models are available at a few days’ notice.