Another year older, another year wiser…

It’s now a year to the day (plus one) since our last post. Time flies.

grace cycling past signpost

We’ve had a busy year, so have all the other bike shops, so it seems; so busy was the year that  the whole of the usual annual supply of bikes disappeared in a couple of months and everybody has been trying to play catch up since. Not very successfully I must admit, because stocks are still very limited and the supply chain doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going, call it Corona, call it Brexit, call it the Suez Canal.

Gleeful hand-rubbing at the piles of gold pouring into the coffers has turned to frustrated hand-wringing and apologetic phone-calling to prospective customers whose bicycle delivery recedes into an uncertain future.

But temporary gloom must make way for an optimistic future – the Active Travel phenomenon is slowly but surely encroaching into the cultural mainstream, and bikes, electric-assisted or leg-operated, will play a big part.

grace alternative signpost picture