Raleigh Modum with the new Bosch “Smart System”

Raleigh Modum Bosch Smart system ebike

Raleigh Modum with the new Bosch Smart System

Recently arrived in the shop is a demo model of the Raleigh Modum ebike. It’s a small-wheeled  bike, ideal for shopping or commuting, but also eminently suitable for exploring the countryside. It’s got a 5-speed hub gear, so there’s no risk of the chain falling off, and no risk of damaging a vulnerable derailleur. At the same time, the gear range is perfectly adequate for even the most challenging hills – after all, that’s what the Electric Assist is for.

However, the main innovation is that the electric assistance is provided by the next generation Bosch componentry, known as the “Smart System”. What this means in practice is that you can tweak the support levels available from the motor (Drive Unit), and also communicate with the bike by means of a bluetooth connection from your phone, using the Bosch “Flow” app. For example: using your phone as a GPS, you can  plan routes and the directions are shown on the display. Furthermore, as and when software updates for any of the components become available, you can download them straight to the bike from your phone without having to visit us or any other bike shop. (Having said that, we’re still absolutely here for you for any update needs if you’d prefer to visit, and of course for regular servicing.)

Other interesting features of the bike include a handlebar that can easily be turned so that it’s in line with the bike – convenient if storage is required in a hallway or other narrow space; and a “Dropper” seatpost – which works a bit like a gas strut in an office chair, meaning you can lower the saddle so that your feet are flat on the ground when the bike is stationary, but raise it for a more efficient pedalling position when you’re in motion.

Added to that are a sturdy rack for carrying up to 25kg, and integrated lights powered by the 500 Wh Powertube battery. RRP is £3,399.00

Call the shop to arrange a visit if you’d like further details or to go on a test ride.